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ZZZ Gift Shop Sales on Consignment for XXX vendor

Consignment Sales are another area where transactions are entered as a “trip”.   This is the same as a Gift Shop sale, except that the “trip” is the name of the consignment vendor (e.g. Katy Greene, jeweler) and only vendor supplied consignment items are displayed for selection on the Step #5 screen.  In this exercise you will accept payment for an item placed on consignment with the Gift Shop item in the ZZZ - Test Outfitter.    The items for a Consignment Vendor will generally be in price groups, so you will look for the price tag on the vendor item and locate the corresponding price group Item on the Step 5 Upgrades screen that matches the price of the Vendor Item.  In the Exercise below, you will sell one of the $20 items by using the ZZZ consignment - $20 price group item on Step 5.  This is different from the Exercise One example where we looked up items by their description.  Here we select the price group corresponding to the tag on the consignment item.

Price: $0.00
Duration: 1 hour
Distance: 1 Miles

Start Point: ZZZ Test Location #1

Test - Location #1

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: Longitude:

End Point: ZZZ Test Location #1

Test - Location #1

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: Longitude:

Meeting Point: ZZZ - Test Outfitter

Test outfitter for practice & training

Phone: 850-653-2500

123 Contentment Street Happyville, FL 32320

Driving Directions:

Leave Hassleville and drive sout on ANA to Happyville.  101 miles from nowhere to somewhere

Linked Map: Click here to view a map of this location.

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