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Columbus to Apalachicola Paddle Trip Day #8 - Chattahoochee

This first day on the Apalachicola river is a relatively short paddle trip to allow everyone to get introduced to the river and to get settled in for the trip. The departure point is on Lake Seminole where we will paddle a short distance and then enter the lock to make passage down through to the river level. This is the start of the Apalachicola River which is formed by the confluence of the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers. The dam and lock were part of the 1950s era project that established the shipping channel which extends all the way to Columbus, Georgia. After exiting the lock we will paddle to the Chattahoochee Landing Park for lunch and an education session. We will paddle to Means Creek where the creek along with the adjacent watersheds along the bluffs of the upper Apalachicola River, has the steepest topographical relief in Florida. In addition, The Nature Conservancy has listed is area as one of six hot spots of American biodiversity with the upper Apalachicola River having the highest biodiversity of reptile and amphibian species in the United States. Of the rare plant species to be found here, 16 occur nowhere else. After a hike through the area, we will continue down the river to the Blue Spring Run with a hike to the spring head before setting up camp.

Price: $125.00
Duration: 1 day
Distance: 15 Miles

Start Point: Chattahoochee Landing

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: Longitude:

End Point: Blue Spring Run

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: Longitude:

Meeting Point: YYY - Unused

Bayshore Paddle Center at 41 West Bayshore Avenue on St. George Island

Phone: 850-653-7448

41 West Bayshore Avenue, St. George Island, 32328

Driving Directions:
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