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Columbus to Apalachicola Paddle Trip Day #11 - Estiffanulga

This day of the trip departs “‘Stiff-’n’-Ugly’ Bluff, the highest bluff on the river between Apalachicola and Bristol and takes us through the ever broadening floodplain with many tributaries including Mary's Slough, Iamonia Lake, Hageman's Ditch and the Florida River eventually ending at the Chipola Cutoff. During this portion of the trip you will see the impact of dredging of the river where entrenchment of the river bed has lowered the river level leaving many of these tributaries inaccessible because of waterfalls or very shallow water at their junction with the main river channel, except during periods of high flows. About 4,000 acres of isolated aquatic habitat, mostly tupelo-cypress swamps, with standing water less than 3 feet deep, is present in the floodplain at very low flows. Large tributary lakes in the middle and lower reaches of the river, such as Iamonia Lake support diverse fish communities. In a recent study, 44 fish species were collected by the Florida Wildlife Commission in tributary lakes during low flows. Eighty percent, or 73 of the 91 fish species known to inhabit the Apalachicola River have been collected in river floodplains of the eastern United States and are probably present in the Apalachicola River floodplain during medium-high and high flows. The day ends at the first confluence with the Chipola River where this major spring fed tannin stained water meets the brown silted waters of the Apalachicola.

Price: $125.00
Duration: 1 day
Distance: 20 Miles

Start Point: Estiffanulga

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: Longitude:

End Point: Gaskin Park

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: Longitude:

Meeting Point: YYY - Unused

Bayshore Paddle Center at 41 West Bayshore Avenue on St. George Island

Phone: 850-653-7448

41 West Bayshore Avenue, St. George Island, 32328

Driving Directions:
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