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Columbus to Apalachicola Paddle Trip Day #10 - Alum Bluffs

This day of the trip will lead into the bluff country where the eastern shore of the river is flanked by towering bluffs with a broad diversity of species and home to the endangered Toreya Pine Tree. Rising more than 150 feet above the river, the bluffs have been shaped and divided by deep ravines that have been eroded by streams throughout the centuries. The park is named for a species of rare Torreya tree that occurs only on the bluffs along the Apalachicola River. This once plentiful tree was nearly destroyed by disease in the early 1960s and may be doomed to extinction. Other rare plants found in the park include the Florida yew tree and the U.S. Champion winged elm. The forests of the park include river swamps, hardwood hammocks and high pinelands. Each community contains a different set of trees, shrubs and wildflowers which offer variety during each season of the year. The bluffs and ravines are forested by many hardwood trees that commonly occur in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia. These hardwoods provide the finest display of fall color found in Florida. Over 100 species of unique and colorful birds may be seen throughout the area. An array of animals commonly found in the park include deer, beaver, bobcat, grey fox and the unusual Barbours map turtle. Animals were not the only inhabitants known to exist in the area over the centuries. A number of Indian sites have been discovered here by archaeologists. During the first Seminole Indian War in 1818, General Andrew Jackson crossed the river here with his army.

Price: $125.00
Duration: 1 day
Distance: 21 Miles

Start Point: Alum Bluff

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: Longitude:

End Point: Estiffanulga

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Meeting Point: YYY - Unused

Bayshore Paddle Center at 41 West Bayshore Avenue on St. George Island

Phone: 850-653-7448

41 West Bayshore Avenue, St. George Island, 32328

Driving Directions:
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